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NOMAD at Parentville for 'La nuit des étoiles'

13 Oct. 2018

During the 'Nuit des étoiles', the Scientific Center at Parentville organized a series of activities: looking at the night sky, exhibition, Kids activities, and a presentation on NOMAD. more info : Nuit des etoiles

NOMAD team at the Open Doors of IASB-BIRA

28-30 Sept. 2018

During the Open Doors, the NOMAD team was very active to promote the instrument and the science NOMAD will achieve.

Plenty of presentations on the first results of NOMAD at the EPSC !

17-21 Sept 2018

During the EPSC in Berlin, more than 25 posters and/or talks discussed the first NOMAD results !.


NOMAD meeting in London

20-22 August 2018

The NOMAD Science Team gathered in London to discuss the first results !.


NOMAD participated to the Emerveillement/Verwondering/Wonder Exhibition at the Royal Palace in Brussels

27 July -02 Sept 2018

The NOMAD mockup is part of the Emerveillement/Verwondering/Wonder exhibition: it is hanging in one of the rooms of the Royal Palace in Brussels..


Special Issue in Space Science Review: the NOMAD paper is now on line

19 June 2018


NOMAD first solar occultation

27 April 2018

Although NOMAD started observations almost one month ago, yesterday the first solar occultation has been performed. Spectra look nice and full of promises.


Observations of Mars and paper by S. Aoki in SOFIA News !

June 2018

Highlight of the observations performed by SOFIA under the direction of S. Aoki.


ExoMars TGO first image

26 April 2018

The ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter has returned the first images of the Red Planet from its new orbit. The orbiter's Colour and Stereo Surface Imaging System, CaSSIS, took this stunning image, which features part of an impact crater, during the instrument's test period. The camera was activated on 20 March and was tested for the start of its main mission on 28 April.


ExoMars TGO starts its Science Phase

09 April 2018

TGO has reached its final orbit (circular at 400 km above the surface) and the Science phase started. During April, only nadir observations will be possible and the measurements will mainly focus on calibratin and learning to operate the instruments fully.


ExoMars TGO spacecraft ends its aerobraking manoeuvres

21 Feb 2018

The aerobraking started in March 2017 and just ended today. The spacecraft had to transform its initial, highly elliptical four-day orbit of about 98 000 × 200 km into the final, much lower and circular path at about 400 km.

More info on the ESA website.

Special Issue in Space Science Review: "Investigations of the Mars Upper Atmosphere with ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter", Lopez-Valverde et al. is now on line

10 Jan 2018


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